The ATLAS 2014

International T3 Conference on Design, Process & Systems

Asia University

Taichung, Taiwan

June 8-13, 2014

Sponsored by

Asia University, Taichung, Taiwan

The Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning & Advanced Studies (TheATLAS)

Co-Sponsored by

Academy of Transdisciplinary Studies (ATS) and Mechanical Engineering Department, Texas Tech University

Ministry of Education, Taiwan

International Center for Transdisciplinary Research & Studies (CIRET), France

Conference Theme

The Science, Applications, and Transdisciplinary Education


Dr. Basarab Nicolescu


The T3 International Conference program will consist of invited and selected papers emphasizing transdisciplinary, transnational and transcultural global problems. Plenary sessions and keynote panels will be presented by prominent speakers.

Educational programs face many difficulties because of the rapid change of technology in today’s environment. During the last decade, the number of complex problems facing engineers has exploded, and the technical knowledge and understanding in science and engineering required to address and mitigate these problems is rapidly evolving. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected as new opportunities and highly complex problems connect the world in ways we are only beginning to understand. When we do not solve these problems correctly and in a timely manner, they rapidly become crises. Problems, such as energy shortages, pollution, transportation, the environment, natural disasters, safety, health, hunger and the global water crisis, threaten the very existence of the world as we know it today. None of these complex problems can be understood from the sole perspective of a traditional discipline.

During this conference, multicultural researchers, practitioners, and educators will share their experiences and thoughts concerning the impact diverse cultural backgrounds have on education. More specifically:

  • global higher education revolution - how world university systems can collaborate more efficiently,

  • transnationalization through information technology and exportation of education as a commodity,

  • the potential for educational programs based on the transdisciplinary methodology and methods.

  • transdisciplinary research approaches for complex global issues.

  • How to teach students innovation and collaboration skills, educating them broadly and preparing them for an increasingly transdisciplinary, collaborative, and global job market.

  • Transdisciplinary education and preparation for the length of our life.

  • New methodology in engineering education that is focused on teaching students transdisciplinary skills thereby allowing them to become creative and innovative engineers.

  • Chalenges to shift from disciplinary thinking to transdisciplinary thinking.






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